The Best Massage Gun – Visionary Wolf

The Best Massage Gun

If you've gotten a massage before, you know how relieving and life changing it can be. With constant aches and pains, this newly advanced technology is the new form of therapy to decrease your pain level. 

How it works

The Visionary Wolf massage gun works by increasing blood flow, decreasing lactic acid and interrupting pain cycle in the brain. This massage therapy gun can be used efficiently and effectively! Getting the job done at different levels of power all controlled in the tip of your fingers. With different speeds and pressure, the massage gun is built for all different body types and pain. The massage gun is a better alternative form of a foam roller. According to Vinh Pham a physical therapist and founder of Myodetox, he noted that the benefits of the massage gun includes "decreased stress, pain, and tissue tension to enhanced recovery, blood circulation and range of motion." 

When to use 

You can use the massage gun anytime when you are aching in pain or soreness. It's recommended to use the massage gun before workouts to warm up the muscles and after work outs to decrease tightness and soreness of post work outs. 


The massage gun comes with more benefits than relieving soreness and pain! This includes 3 hour long battery life taking about 1.5 hours to charge. With the newly high quality rubber, it absorbs the vibration noise allowing the massage gun to perform efficiently quietly. Using the massage gun in public without it sounding like a loud drill becomes vitally convenient for users. The massage gun comes with six different settings delivering up to 3600 percussions per minute. It also includes four different heads allowing you to perform at different parts of the body effectively. 

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