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What to Know About Ab Stimulators


Every year millions of people research and purchase products to get them closer to their fitness goals. Some people hit the gym and put in the rigorous work, others like to passively get to their goal by taking supplements. 

One popular product that strengthen and tones your abdominal muscles is the ab stimulator, which is an electrical muscle stimulator. 

Functions of The Ab Stimulator:

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Activates Muscles

The benefits of using the ab stimulator are a result of electrical currents that pass through your body. Which is why these devices are also known as the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices.

The ab stimulator belt contains small electrodes that sends electrical pulses through your body when you secure it around your midsection


Tones Existing Muscles

Dr. Manish Shah, a board certified plastic surgeon , states that an ab stimulators can help tone the midsection by contracting the muscles and activate blood flow through vibrations from the EMS device.

He also states that a common misconception people have is that this belt will help with weight loss which is not entirely the case. This stimulator will help tone and define the muscles that are present in your mid section. 

Assists in Physical Therapy

Not only are ab stimulators used to tone the mid section but they have also been used in 

Physical therapy and rehab environements. 


To get the best results from the ab stimulator, its recommended to use 10 minutes to an hour. A research study was conducted in 2005, twenty-four adults were asked to use an ab stimulator 5 days a week for 20-40 minutes per session without doing any added exercises. These participants were compared to another group of people who did not use the EMS technology. At the end of the study, it was found that the participants who used the ab stimulator had a 58% increase in abdominal strength and 100% increase in abdominal endurance. While the other group had little to no increase. The experiment group also discovered that their abs were more toned and firmed. 

Although there was all positive results, the twenty-four adults found no difference in body weight or BMI. In conclusion zero body fat was lost during this time.

Based on the results of the experiment, it’s safe to say that ab toning belts can effectively tone your abs. It can also increase abdominal strength and endurance. We ALL have abs you just may not see it, due to them being covered in body fat. So if you still have body fat, you’ll first have to tone up with a change in your healthy living lifestyle. 

Downfalls of the ab Stimulator

Some may believe that the ab stimulator can work magic and with no previous exercise or healthy living the stimulator will bring abs in no time. This is rarely ever the case. The ab stimulator is not a weight loss product but a fitness product to enhance your abs. Below we have some tips to help you get to the 

Another point is that you need to use the ab stimulator on a consistent basis.  Some people this may be difficult, but like any exercise in order to get the best results you need to be consistent with the product or workout. So make sure to use it everyday for a week to 

Tips to Get the Best Results From The Ab Stimulator


Any exercise is good for the body, but the best way to lose that tummy fat is by doing cardio exercises. If you don’t have time to go to the gym then no problem, build a home gym. It’s always a great way to stay on track because you don’t have to put on any exercise clothes, and you can do it on your time. Best is to start with a treadmill or any other cardio equipment such as an elliptical, exercise bike, etc. With the help of cardio and adding exercise equipment, you will surely tone up and achieve tht dream body that you always wanted. 

Plan a Healthy Diet

Not only is exercise important but your eating habits make up about 80% of your results. Try meal planning and prepping. Everybody gets in a rush every once in a while, so instead of grabbing fast food you’ll have a meal already prepped and ready for you. Not only are you making a better choice but you are also saving money. 

Avoid foods with high calories, and go with greens. Resist from reaching for those sweets and go with some fruits and vegetables, not only will you feel a boost in energy, but you will also be a step closer to achieving your goals. 

Positive Thinking

Reaching these goals can be hard and it does take motivation. It starts with you, don’t wait for other people to tell you to do something. It may be difficult but you’ll be the one who reaps the benefits after putting in the work. Believe in yourself because if they can do it, then you can too.



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