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How To Create a Workout Plan For Your Fitness Goals

Blog by Craig Capurso Designing a workout plan doesn't have to be complicated. Let's break down the principles for creating one that makes sense for your personal goals.  Decide how many days a week you can dedicate to training. Five or six days a week is pretty standard, but if you can only afford three or four days a week, that's ok too.  Decide if you will work a body part 1x or 2x a week. You can see results from both, so it is really a matter of preference, goal and training level. Beginners benefit from a more comprehensive, full-body approach while intermediate/advanced gym goers can dial in their training with a single muscle-group focus. For weight loss, a full-body approach may be more beneficial because...

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What to Know About Ab Stimulators

  Every year millions of people research and purchase products to get them closer to their fitness goals. Some people hit the gym and put in the rigorous work, others like to passively get to their goal by taking supplements.  One popular product that strengthen and tones your abdominal muscles is the ab stimulator, which is an electrical muscle stimulator.  Functions of The Ab Stimulator: Activates Muscles The benefits of using the ab stimulator are a result of electrical currents that pass through your body. Which is why these devices are also known as the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices. The ab stimulator belt contains small electrodes that sends electrical pulses through your body when you secure it around your...

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The Best Massage Gun

If you've gotten a massage before, you know how relieving and life changing it can be. With constant aches and pains, this newly advanced technology is the new form of therapy to decrease your pain level.  How it works The Visionary Wolf massage gun works by increasing blood flow, decreasing lactic acid and interrupting pain cycle in the brain. This massage therapy gun can be used efficiently and effectively! Getting the job done at different levels of power all controlled in the tip of your fingers. With different speeds and pressure, the massage gun is built for all different body types and pain. The massage gun is a better alternative form of a foam roller. According to Vinh Pham a...

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